Particle Assessment Kit

Based on our award winning technology, this handy kit has saved companies thousands of dollars by identifying the source of contamination in their process.

The SC PAK is a management tool to aid assessment of contamination in your production process.


The Superclean Particle Assessment Kit (SC PAK) enables customers to immediately evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the Superclean high performance particle removal technology.

Supplied with a Superclean Clean Roller, and a Superclean Adhesive Pad on a rigid support block, the SC PAK can be used to collect, record, monitor and reduce contamination levels in critical manufacturing processes. By using the SC PAK, customers can identify the type, number, size and concentration of particles that have been collected from any flat surface or substrate. This information can then be plotted and used to support quality management and deliver meaningful data to any statistical process control initiative that focusses on the reduction of rework, scrap and waste.

The SC PAK is available free of charge to customers (1 SC PAK per company). Simply register below to receive your SC PAK.

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