Introducing the new innovative 2021 range of products from KSM Superclean®. 

The Superclean 2021 range marries further enhancements in cleaning performance, with creative design innovations, to deliver customer driven solutions to material cleaning, handling and processing. 

Comprising the A, C, M, R, S and W series, the Superclean 2021 range delivers solution permanent removal of loose particles from surfaces in the manufacturing and clean room environments. This includes the surfaces of products during critical processing to reduce waste and scrap and to add value to the production cycle, and also the walls and floors of controlled clean room environments to maintain optimum cleanliness. 

Designed and built by engineers with decades of experience in contact cleaning and in the provision of smart automation solutions to both the electronics and a broader industry sector, the Superclean 2020 range enables the manufacturer to produce greater yields with less waste and drastically reduced defect

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