Munich, 12-15 November 2019

Booth No: Hall B3 575

KSM Superclean, a global leader in contamination control technologies for the electronics sector and a Rainbow Technology Systems group company, will be launching its new 2020 range of products at Productronica.

Taking centre stage will be a new Sheet Cleaning Machine – the KSM Superclean Sheet range or SCS. This contact cleaning machine will remove particles and contamination from substrates down to the microscopic level. The equipment is suitable for PCB, SMT, hybrid, OLED and touch screen applications. Designed and built by engineers with decades of experience in contact cleaning, the KSM SCS range enables the manufacturer to produce greater yields with less waste and drastically reduced defects. The SCS range is available in both stand-alone and in-line configurations and is the result of detailed feedback from the market with regard to material handling.

Superclean S Series

Also at Productronica will be a new line of KSM Superclean hand-held cleaning rollers which deliver radically improved ergonomic handling, robustness and range of cleaning materials specifically formulated for electronic processes and substrates. This new range is complemented by KSM Superclean high performance consumable products to include adhesive rolls, rubber rollers, IPA wipes, cleanroom surface cleaning products and cleanroom floor mats.

Superclean Hand Roller with Rollpad

David Westwood, sales and marketing manager at KSM Superclean said: “We are delighted to introduce our new 2020 product range at Productronica, which remains the premier vehicle to launch new products and services to the electronics sector in Europe. Our new Superclean range will deliver even greater performance, service and value to our customers across five continents.”

He added: “We are now firmly established as a globally recognised provider of high performance, superb value products in the field of contamination removal technologies for critical manufacturing operations in the electronics sector. Our solutions save manufacturers time and money. We have a strong recognised pedigree in contact cleaning – indeed some of our management team were directly associated with the original concept and launch of contact cleaning 35 years ago.”

Through its partners in Europe KSM has a mainland European supply and distribution hub in preparation for Brexit.

By Rainbow

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